The State-Wide Oregon Invention Convention  will be held in late Spring 2017.  Students from schools using Oregon Invention Convention curriculum are invited, as well as students from schools that have other Invention Education Programs.

Here are the basic rules for taking part in the Oregon State Invention Conventions.

  1. An invention must be the product of a either a single inventor or a team of two inventors.  If a team, each member must contribute equally.
  2. An invention must meet the following definition:

An invention must have utility; it must solve a real problem.  It is something that no one has ever made before.  It cannot be purchased in a store or found in a book.  An invention may be a non-obvious improvement to an existing object that yields new utility.

  1. The cost of the invention prototype should not exceed $50. Inventors are encouraged to use recycled materials.
  2. Display Board
  • The invention must be accompanied by a self-standing display board (requiring no more than 24 inches of table space) that includes the following information:
  • The title of the invention
  • A description of the problem the invention solves
  • A description of how the invention works
  • The inventor’s name, grade, and school
  1. The inventor must submit an Invention Log that:
    • documents the steps they went though in the inventing process
    • becomes part of their invention display.
  1. The inventions are allowed a space of 2 feet by 1.5 feet on the tabletop in front of the Display Board. If the invention is too tall to fit safely on the table, you are allowed to put it on the floor in front of the Display Board. However, if the invention is larger than 2 x 1.5 feet, it will not be allowed to be displayed at the event.
“All Kids Are Inventors”