The California Invention Convention Initiative is very new.  Our Pilot project is currently underway – with 20 schools participating. In the winter of 2015-2016 we ran a Proof-of-Concept project at Pacific Elementary School in Davenport.  Twenty 5th and 6th graders participated — and solved twenty different problems with their creativity!!

2015-2016 Young Inventors and Their Projects

Daniel Nerf Gun Chest
Michelle Portable Breeze Catcher
Sienna Wetsuit Washer
Daven Share Buds
Rell Surf Wax Dispenser
Amir Sand Remover 2000
Blake Taco Holder
Bryce Happy Tree Pedestal
Ethan Cozy Ears
Nikko Diabetes Test Strip container
Isaiah Auto Tray
Lyla The Art Vest 1000
Oscar Easy Stir
Frank The Cake Cutter
Rose Fish Freeway
Emma Glamour Coat
Willow Willow Pin Nip
Eleanor Fog-B-Gone
Roen RR (Drone) Copter Case
Julien Snowboard Easy Bind
Makai Remote Control Car
“All Kids Are Inventors”